Media blunder

Unending media attacks on Conservatives (and Trump) can cause fatigue in viewers. Remember back during the Bush years,  the media screeching about Bush caused many to tune them out. If Bush had broken the law,  say by using the IRS to harass s Democrats, Noone would notice amid all the doom &  gloom over his every word

The left leaning media does us all a disservice. Their obvious bias,  coupled with their contempt for those of us in ‘fly over’ country breeds cynicism. Cynicism degrades our ability to have civil conservation. Poor communication makes it much harder to hold those in government accountable. 

Everyone loses. Real journalists report the news without letting us know how they personally feel. That makes them honest brokers we can trust. 

When is the last time a news paper  or cable channel gave  you a spin free report  you could accept as fact  without having to search for an agenda? 


Definition of Insanity… 

​I’m tired of hearing that Blacks must put our faith in a political party that owned us as slaves, fought against civil rights, locked us up in housing projects to ‘help us’, induced our kids to abandon God for the Sexual Revolution (broken/fatherless homes) and now wants to abort our children as much as possible per Margaret Sanger. Insane. 

Marrying Up?

​There is no such thing as ‘marrying up’. 

Stop evaluating  your potential spouse based on their appearance, popularity or  income. A short guy who marries a tall girl didn’t marry up. A poor girl who marries  a rich guy didnt marry up. The shy girl who dates a jock isnt getting any special favor. Essentially, you’re  saying that you think you married someone that has more worth (or net worth) than you.We all have equal worth so that phrase ‘marry up’ is inappropriate.

If you think that you are marrying up then what does your mate feel they are doing?

Either you are married to the person God chose for you or not. Most of us think we are smarter than God. We are too proud, independent and stubborn to let Him make the choice for us.  No wonder our divorce rate is so high!


Does anyone want unity? I mean do we want unity in the Church? Do we want unity in our civil discourse? The Bible makes unity a priority. 
Most people in power seem to use the word ‘Unity’ to mean ‘Just agree with me’. For that matter, marriage seems to suffer from the same dynamic. Couples have different last names, separate bank accounts, separate friends… Separate lives really. No wonder divorce is so easy. 

Churches split, denominations splinter. 

Political parties seem to exist only for the sake of division. 
The media throws gasoline on the passionate,  igniting fires of rage. Then  reports on the resulting conflagration breathlessly. 

Americans must make unity a priority. If we don’t, we will collapse under the weight of Identity Politics where everyone has a grievance against somebody. 

Walk the Walk

​What’s your walk like? 

Do you walk like a robot? Stiff  &  unnatural. 

Do you shamble like a zombie? 

Do you stagger like someone drunk? 

Do you walk with your head high, like a king? 

Do you crawl like baby?
Just as our natural walk tells alot about our mental state &  physical health… Our Christian walk tells others about us. 
We must walk in Thanksgiving, Humility and Steadfastness. 

We must walk in  Submission, Serenity and  Obedience.