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What do you see?

When you picture God what do see?

Do you see a mild mannered old man?

An angry giant ready to zap you?

Do you see see a genie ready to grant your wishes?

Study the Bible carefully to see Him accurately. He is who He says He is.

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While driving to my grandparents home in Wilkinsburg, I inadvertently drove through a shoot out!

There was approximately 8 young men to my left and right. I heard screaming. Then I saw muzzle flashes and heard shots. I hunkered down and sped up. My heart raced. I only time to whisper “Jesus”.

Just like that it was over. I turned onto another street.

The cynic in me thought: “How nice of them to use MY car for cover in their running gunfight!”

Miraculously, I wasn’t hit.

When I arrived at my grandparents apartment, I inspected my car for bullet holes. To my delight, not a single scratch.

God had me protected

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If anyone learns any lessons from 2020 I hope it’s this: Big Government rarely makes anything better but often makes things much worse.

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David fled from the city of Gath and went to a cave near the town of Adullam. When his brothers and the rest of the family heard that he was there, they joined him. People who were oppressed or in debt or dissatisfied went to him, about four hundred men in all, and he became their leader.
1 Samuel 22:1‭-‬2 GNT

Samuel anointed David as King of Israel. 
His dad only allowed trusted him to shepherd sheep.
The current king, Saul hunts him. Then he becomes leader of losers with bad credit.

David could have cussed Samuel out and called him a false Prophet. Notice his humble attitude. David respected men in authority – even when he KNEW they were wrong. He let God correct others. He focused on doing whatever he was supposed to do with excellence.

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Recommendations for reading

Psalms 24: Almighty God values your purified heart.
Psalms 51 When you get in trouble this the scripture to meditate on and pray.
Pslam 119 an infomercial on studying and living God’s Word.

Bonus: while reading stream any album from Yolanda Adam’s. I’m listening to ‘Open My Heart’ from her CD: Mountain High Valley Low

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Now I Know How Slavery Lasted So Long…

It continually amazes me: Christian voters who choose pro-abortion politicians over pro-life politicians. Why would a Christian choose death over life?

Over and I hear weak rationale -” I like candidate Death better.”

Or “Candidate Death will be the first (gender/racial group) to elected to that position. Or.” I heard bad things about candidate Life.”

Worse, some Christians claim that Americans killing babies is none of their business. “I don’t tell anyone what to do with their own body.” THE BABY IS NOT THE MOTHER’S BODY!

I imagine during the 1800’s when the Christian Abolitionists Republicans up North implored God fearing Democrats down South to follow Lincoln, they got similar replies.

“We don’t like how Lincoln talks the press.” “We heard bad things about Lincoln.”

Worse were the Christians who claimed Slavery was none of their business. “I don’t tell anyone what to do with their own property.” BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT THE SLAVER’S PROPERTY!

GOD forgive America for allowing barbaric child sacrifice to continue. We are no better than the ancient pagans who sacrificed virgins or babies to idols.

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Long Walk Home

1983 brought us a movie The Day After starring Jason Robards. It dramatized the results of an all out nuclear exchange. Frankly, the movie scared the crap out of the whole nation. The likelihood of a nuclear World War Three was high in those days. So this movie was equally discussed at the water cooler and the playground. New concepts like EMP became household words. The idea of a crippled electrical grid (nation wide) was novel and terrifying.

I was sent shopping at the Giant Eagle grocery store 2 miles from home. I was proud Mom trusted me at age 14 with her shiny Mac card. Walking to the store my mind wandered. I supposed it would darken on the way home. Since my glasses were broken, I was glad for plenty of street lights to illuminate my return.

On the walk home, I was careful to balance my groceries and account for Mom’s change and the Mac card. I kept my eyes open for a neighbor going my way – catching a ride was permitted.

My estimate that it would be dark on my return proved accurate. To my surprise however all the street lights went out in an instant. I was startled, there was no apparent reason. No heavy winds or lightning. The night was quiet. I noted every house was dark as well. I felt very alone

As I trudged along, I saw zero traffic. Alone with my thoughts a seed of worry took root. Would I even know if an EMP knocked out electric power across the US? What if US cities were being destroyed even as I marched home?

Then a more personal worry took hold, without my glasses – my ability to see went from very poor to nearly non-existent. The idea of getting lost on the way home veered from comical to humiliating to scary. Fear gave way to a burgeoning panic. Why was there no traffic? Why was it so still? Noone else out walking? Not a soul on their porch? Would I be better off walking up to each street sign or using the muscle memory in my feet?

A thought interrupted, just pray. I began to pray. As I thanked God for always protecting me and my family, my worry began to subside. I was anxious to get home but I now believed that I would make it home.

I began to make out landmarks. The silhouette of a church. The corner store. The soft burble of a tiny creek. More than half way home, I was more aware of the ache in my tired arms than the ears of my adolescent mind.

As I tired, muscle memory kept me walking the right way on auto-pilot.

I looked up to realize I was at my street. Now all my fears about the mystery black-out propelled me to hurry the rest of the way despite my protesting limbs.

I got home and was greeted by candlelight. My mother grumbled that the electric company was taking their sweet time.  I handed her the receipt and sat down heavily. As Mom stashed groceries away, she thanked me.

She asked me if it was hard to walked in the dark without my glasses.

I admitted it was difficult. I kept my fears between myself and Jesus.