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Long Walk Home

1983 brought us a movie The Day After starring Jason Robards. It dramatized the results of an all out nuclear exchange. Frankly, the movie scared the crap out of the whole nation. The likelihood of a nuclear World War Three was high in those days. So this movie was equally discussed at the water cooler and the playground. New concepts like EMP became household words. The idea of a crippled electrical grid (nation wide) was novel and terrifying.

I was sent shopping at the Giant Eagle grocery store 2 miles from home. I was proud she trusted me at age 14 with her shiny Mac card. Walking to the store my mind wandered. I supposed it would darken on the way home. Since my glasses were broken, I was glad for plenty of street lights to illuminate my return.

On the walk home, I was careful to balance my groceries and account for Mom’s change and the Mac card. I kept my eyes open for a neighbor going my way – catching a ride was permitted.

My estimate that it would be dark on my return proved accurate. To my surprise however all the street lights went out in an instant. I was startled, there was no apparent reason. No heavy winds or lightning. The night was quiet. I noted every house was dark as well. I felt very alone

As I trudged along, I saw zero traffic. Alone with my thoughts a seed of worry took root. Would I even know if an EMP knocked out electric power across the US? What if US cities were being destroyed even as I marched home?

Then a more personal worry took hold, without my glasses – my ability to see went from very poor to nearly non-existent. The idea of getting lost on the way home veered from comical to humiliating to scary. Fear gave way to a burgeoning panic. Why was there no traffic? Why was it so still? Noone else out walking? Not a soul on their porch? Would I be better off walking up to each street sign or using the muscle memory in my feet?

A thought interrupted, just pray. I began to pray. As I thanked God for always protecting me and my family, my worry began to subside. I was anxious to get home but I now believed that I would make it home.

I began to make out landmarks. The silhouette of a church. The corner store. The soft burble of a tiny creek. More than half way home, I was more aware of the ache in my tired arms than the ears of my adolescent mind.

As I tired, muscle memory kept me walking the right way on auto-pilot.

I looked up to realize I was at my street. Now all my fears about the mystery black-out propelled me to hurry the rest of the way despite my protesting limbs.

I got home and was greeted by candlelight. My mother grumbled that the electric company was taking their sweet time.  I handed her the receipt and sat down heavily. As Mom stashed groceries away, she thanked me.

She asked me if it was hard to walked in the dark without my glasses.

I admitted it was difficult. I kept my fears between myself and Jesus.

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Working From Home

All morning, a fly has been tormenting me as I try to talk to clients. Flies right past my ear. Loudest fly ever. Like he has a vendetta against me.

After failing miserably with a (now bent) fly swatter I grow desperate. I end up chasing that fly with vacuum hose screaming like Rambo with his machine gun Arrrrghhharrghhhh!

As I brag to my amused daughter about finally getting the fly – he casually buzzes me again. I can’t believe it. An hour later I stalk him with the (now really bent) fly swatter. This time I don’t miss.

That felt good.

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In the Christian experience, Freedom sometimes comes in an instant but Maturity always takes time.
Never relinquish your Freedom. Never stop striving for Maturity. Look around you for someone struggling with whatever you have triumphed over; the principles you used, the revelations you gained are valuable.

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You are free to choose. You are not free from the consequences of your choice. One consequence is guilt. You flinch when you see a mother and child.

If guilt plagues you after abortion.
Speaking out loud, ask God for forgiveness for infanticide
Look in the mirror and speaking out loud, forgive yourself
If applicable, forgive anyone who coerced you into abortion

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Independence Day 2020

America is not perfect. Like every other nation America has skeletons in Her closet.

Slavery, Indian genocide and Japanese internment to name a few. We have learned lessons and become a better people.

It seems many people are unwilling to forgive Americans Past for their sins.

Rather than question their motivation, I say this: do not let the Abolitionists die in vain. Don’t let the Native Americans who live among us be destroyed after all that has transpired. Don’t let the children of Japanese American Patriots suffer.

Attempts to create division, anarchy and unrest don’t help heal wounds or make anyone’s life better.

Today as we reflect back on how far our  nation has come, consider this: A nation is a collection of successive families linked by a common heritage.

In our case that heritage is a love for God and the ability to overcome injustice. We are the result of generations of godly overcomers.

Let’s appreciate all the good in our extended family heritage. Let’s learn from the dark days. Let’s forgive one another and move forward in a spirit of Reconciliation and Hope.

God bless America!

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Victim or Victor

Whether I see myself as victim or victor matters.

Racism is very real. Police brutality is quite real.
Signs and hashtags demand:  ‘End Bigotry’.

I will never believe a nebulous Bogeyman like Implicit Bias or Systemic Racism can stop me! If individuals of previous generations were able to succeed in life despite Jim Crow laws and unchallenged discrimination, I have no excuse!

Culture of Life or Death:
Schools have metal detectors now.
An argument may end in bloodshed. It is socially acceptable to beat someone nearly to death for any perceived slight.

Cities like Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore struggle with Third World murder rates.

Black people kill so many babies that the population size has remained stagnant  (just under 13%) for decades. As long as Black Lives Don’t Matter on the streets or inside Planned Parenthood… We will find it difficult to make Black Lives Matter anywhere else.

How can Black Americans move towards victory?

Parents who graduate from high school, marry and stay married will have kids who are far less likely to be poor.  This one fact gives ANYONE a better chance of success in life than if all racism disappeared!

We all must promote a Culture of Life.

Our children need fathers!
We need parents to have The Talk before kids get brainwashed by raunchy music videos & movies.

We need churches to encourage abstinence and speak out against abortion. Let medical experts show the congregation a church member’s developing baby in utero week by week. Science is on our side!

In a Divided Society Only The Church Can Model Unity. Church can no longer be segregated. We need a united Church to lead the Culture change. We need to turn back to God.

After decades of Big Government spending Trillions it’s clear politicians do not have the answers.

Jesus is the answer. Let’s unite in Christ.
Let’s work towards victory.