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Happy Father’s Day?

This morning my daughter Naomi comes into the room smiles and “Read this.”

She hands me a stack notes all on fancy card stock. I smile and begin to read…

These aren’t Father’s Day notes as I assumed. These are good-bye notes from her classmates!

I laughed at myself for assuming.

Naomi is very distraught because this is her last year at the exclusive Ellis School for Girls.

So it’s time to be Dad and discuss her friend’s notes and what each classmate means to her.

Happy Father’s Day guys!

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Kids stuff

Third grade Belmar Elementary School. I can’t remember why but angry girl wants to fight me.
She walks up to me screaming and  starts ‘punching’ windmill style. She doesn’t even touch me.
I take a step back. I push up my thick glasses and sniff. “You’re not very good at this.”

I walk away shaking my head. The girl yells; “Come back, I’m not done fighting you!”

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Journey Through the Coronavirus

Wed 31st I feel like I’m coming down with a flu.
Thu April 1st. Snow! I take off part of work. I sleep alot. chills.
Fri April 2nd fever 104.3 zero appetite and zero energy. I sleep alot. chills.
Sat April 3rd  fever 101.4 body aches, stomach ache. stuffy nose. I sleep alot. chills.
I get the nasal swab. They go to the back of your skull! Just walking to the center leaves me winded.
Sun April 4th  fever 103.2 I watch Easter service at home alone. 1st time having a fever for 3 consecutive days. I’m exhausted. When I say chills, I mean shivering, cold-to-the-bone chills.
Mon April 5th fever 100.7 my Covid-19 test is positive.

The feeling in my bones that something is seriously wrong can’t be ignored. I ask all my family and friends to pray for me. Nicole is deeply concerned. She must have a flashback to caring for her late father. I am determined to beat this. I’m not getting any special medication. My grandmother and aunt are hospitalized with Covid-19.

Nicole somehow manages to provide me 100% attention while taking care of the household, doing my chores and her job. Wonder Woman indeed!!

I can feel the prayers of the saints lifting me up. Although I  realize this is a serious illness, I refuse to be intimidated.

After 2 1/2 weeks I am have a raspy voice but I am feeling more like myself. I experienced EVERY symptom and I was miserable. I survived as did 2 aunts and my 96 yr old grandmother. God is awesome.

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Sunday School #PiDay2021

A fourth grader asked me to explain #PiDay2021 to the class. His classmates weren’t getting the connection between today’s date and the value of Pi. Talk about going off topic!

I didn’t mind, we often discuss Astronomy. Archeology and pop culture. What is of interest to them is of concern to Jesus.

I try to connect the Word of God to their hopes, fears and worries. Kids appreciate when I take their school & family situations and show they can apply biblical principles to make things better.

We need to make the Kingdom of God relevant to our kids. We must show them how much He matters in our day-to-day lives.

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What do you see?

When you picture God what do see?

Do you see a mild mannered old man?

An angry giant ready to zap you?

Do you see see a genie ready to grant your wishes?

Study the Bible carefully to see Him accurately. He is who He says He is.

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While driving to my grandparents home in Wilkinsburg, I inadvertently drove through a shoot out!

There was approximately 8 young men to my left and right. I heard screaming. Then I saw muzzle flashes and heard shots. I hunkered down and sped up. My heart raced. I only time to whisper “Jesus”.

Just like that it was over. I turned onto another street.

The cynic in me thought: “How nice of them to use MY car for cover in their running gunfight!”

Miraculously, I wasn’t hit.

When I arrived at my grandparents apartment, I inspected my car for bullet holes. To my delight, not a single scratch.

God had me protected

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If anyone learns any lessons from 2020 I hope it’s this: Big Government rarely makes anything better but often makes things much worse.

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David fled from the city of Gath and went to a cave near the town of Adullam. When his brothers and the rest of the family heard that he was there, they joined him. People who were oppressed or in debt or dissatisfied went to him, about four hundred men in all, and he became their leader.
1 Samuel 22:1‭-‬2 GNT

Samuel anointed David as King of Israel. 
His dad only allowed trusted him to shepherd sheep.
The current king, Saul hunts him. Then he becomes leader of losers with bad credit.

David could have cussed Samuel out and called him a false Prophet. Notice his humble attitude. David respected men in authority – even when he KNEW they were wrong. He let God correct others. He focused on doing whatever he was supposed to do with excellence.