Undercover in a Social Justice Group

I am not REALLY under cover. But I AM part of a grassroots social justice group. Don’t be alarmed! I can explain…

I believe each individual has a responsibility to use talent, knowledge and wealth to help others. Therefore, I cannot simply pay my taxes and hope some slick politico will solve the plagues of poverty, crime and ignorance for me. I have to do something myself. To that end, I have mentored boys in church. I currently volunteer for Sunday School. Recently I looked around to find a conservative group that helped at risk youth in my city of Pittsburgh. Of course many churches have outreaches. My church, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh certainly does. I was looking for a non church, conservative outreach. Many youth are completely ignorant of the Bible. Also many urban churches are frankly, contributing to the problems we face. Rather than face squarely the issues of abortion, domestic violence, black on black violence and failing schools, they BLAME the Evil Rich White Bogeyman for the problems then demand that rich white men SOLVE these problems.

Imagine if the poor, regardless of race took the initiative without waiting for corrupt, inept Uncle Sam!? Well I have not found any conservative groups yet that deals with mentoring and providing the at risk youth with a new perspective.

So I joined Stand Up Now Network. They provide kids age 10 – 20 with something to do. They also try to teach non violence and passion for excellence in school.

I do not believe for one moment that a left wing group that spouts the Democrat talking points can give the community what it needs.
However I am open minded. I hope to learn enough to replicate the best of this group and eliminate the worst.



  1. I try to share conservative principles in a subtle way. Recently I posted on the fb page information about self reliance. I gave the KENYAN word for self reliance – ‘Harambee’.
    I share a Conservative concept in a non threatening way. See?

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