Undercover in a Social Justice Group update

Again, I’m not really undercover. I choose not to discuss my ideology because it might be a source of distraction.
Instead, I keep an open mind, listen and learn. Perhaps one day Conservative groups will routinely meet the needs of poor communities. That isn’t the case here in Pittsburgh PA.

The purpose of the group I belong to is “Develope the youth into leaders to be part of the social change movement on issues that are impacting youth locally and on the national level”.

In practice, that amounts to finding something constructive for kids in the Pittsburgh Hill District to do after school. We have a planning meeting with adults and youth monthly. We typically have one special activit every month. The kids are encouraged to express themselves in dance and song.

I have tried to steer the conversation away from “Social Justice” ie victim mentality, and towards a solution mindset. For example when discussing racism, I focus on prejudice in general (racism, sexism, ageism etc) and how we overcome it as individuals. I ask the youth to think about their own prejudice.

This is important, in the ‘hood most believe it is impossible to be Black and bigoted (excepts Black Conservatives!) so making fun of people with Asian features or an African accent is acceptable. Whites are simply assumed to be bigots until proven otherwise. How sad.

So I ask questions designed to make the kids think outside the liberal box. Last year I offered a prize to any youth who wrote an essay on what the Black community would look like with intact family units and low out of wedlock births . No takers.

I also share conservative principles using an African language. Adults and kids are more receptive that way.

So far the kids have shown little interest. they just want to be entertained or dance. We continue to struggle to overcome inertia, cynicism and frankly the self defeating liberal mindset.

In contrast, the kids in my Sunday School are very engaged. The atmosphere is energetic and positive. No victims here. Just overcomer in training. My church has hundreds of volunteers and our faithful tithes and offerings mean we can pour 2 million dollars into poor individuals in Pittsburgh and around the world every year.

I am not judging, I am learning by doing.


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