Abortion: Margaret Sanger and I

My mother got pregnant while still a teenager. In 1968 there was no Roe v Wade yet. She was scared but she did what many kids did back then; she married her boyfriend. I was born in May 1969 one month after the wedding.

My parents had three additional kids. We are a tight knit family.
I am grateful for my life and my family.
One sibling made her mark in healthcare upper management, another sibling has done well in the banking industry. I worked for the phone company for 17 years.

By Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s philosophy I was better off dead.
Teen mom? Check.
Poor parents? Check.
Black? Check.

My mother was not yet a Christian when she found herself ‘with child’, a phrase that has fallen out of favor. She notes that abortion was illegal and considered immoral by her peers. Sometimes I wonder if I would exist if morning after pills and subsidized access to legal abortion had existed in 1969…



  1. Yet, here you are today, by the grace of God! My how times have changes as far as what is considered acceptable standards, the immoral is by societies standards to be tolerated and some try to call it moral by redefining the Bible and it’s meanings. God bless you and your family.

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