Who am I?

American(un hyphenated). Father. Nerd. I’m one of those mythical Black Conservatives. Sunday School Teacher.

As a kid I knew everyone in my working class neighborhood voted Democrat.
Jimmy Carter was expected to help Black Americans improve quality of life.
“Vote for the Peanut Man!” was a familiar refrain which I found quite funny. Sadly, he couldn’t HELP anyone. My family and neighborhood were surprised and deeply disappointed. The high Inflation and gas woes hurt the poor deeply. No amount of welfare could counteract that one-two punch.

When Reagan got elected I heard grumbling. No one expected a REPUBLICAN to do anything to help the poor, much less for poor Blacks.

During his 8 years in office, the economy turned around for the country at large. “A rising tide lifts all boats” – but some boats rise higher than others.

As a young man I learned a valuable lesson; government can help treat symptoms of poverty (foodstamps,WIC etc) but it can not lift you out of poverty. YOU must do that yourself.

When my dad couldn’t get work as an arc welder, he did odd jobs.
He worked minimum wage jobs. He created Craig and Sons.
We did cleaning and home appliance repairs. I learned to operate a welding torch at age 11.

My mom started a successful home daycare. Later she also did in-home senior care. At the same time.

I got summer jobs. I was taught “Work as if Jesus was your boss” and “Bigots will assume you were hired due to affirmative action so work twice as hard to show them you deserve your job”.

I also learned a Holy Ghost filled church is much more efficient at helping people than any government agency. The same is true of Christian charities and parachurch volunteer organizations.

I have seen firsthand the fruits of liberalism;
Broken homes – Uncle Sam takes the place of Dad. Ghettos where people get enough help to survive but never enough to get free. Liberals own the ghettos on purpose.

Conservative principles of Faith, Virtue, Self Responsibility , Generosity (charitable giving NOT taxing) yield great results.
Endless government programs subsidize bad behavior (kids out of wedlock, absentee dads) while bankrupting the nation financially and morally.

My name is James M Craig, I am a proud Conservative.



  1. I don’t have a problem with people referring to themselves as African American or Colored or Black. I simply feel that we should think of ourselves as American first if we want our country to thrive. We need unity.

  2. I am proud to have seen your post and proud to be a black man because of your posturings. Keep the flag flying!

  3. LIKE! Very much! God bless you richly James! And keep up the good posting! I enjoy reading your thoughts and meditating thereafter.

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