Social Justice and the minimum wage

Rather than admit the trillion dollar stimulus has failed. Liberals pivot to income Inequality. There are two angles of attack: raise taxes on the Evil Rich© and force them to pay employees more than makes business sense.

Common sense says the minimum wage is zero. Common sense isn’t common. So Bloomberg Business week has made six covers for its Feb 2014 issue. Each shows an individual who makes less than $10 dollars an hour. Each holds a sign with their hard luck story. None mention any skills beyond “making people smile” or “listening to people’s stories”.
A Mexican immigrant with 3 kids is used to illustrate how social justice can mandate how much employer should pay.  She cleans bathrooms at a department store for $8 an hour.
The article doesn’t say whether she is legal or not. According to MIT’s Social Justice Living Wage Calculator she deserves $33.28 an hour!

Activists admit America isn’t THAT gullible yet (give it time with Common Core) so they advocate for – wait for it – government intervention modeled on Europe. Britain has an unelected panel of nine who tell employers what the wage floor should be based on “consultation” with labor groups and business leaders. Activists are confident the current regime can a national wage floor of $10.10 with no net loss of jobs. Liberal states would be free to go even higher.

Somehow, the Individual’s part isn’t mentioned. In true liberal fashion, people who are making single, living at home with parents wages but have kids and live on their own, are treated like victims. Victims of the Evil Rich© who pay them to “make people smile”  or “listen to people’s stories”. Yup.

Activists are now stating with a straight face “The minimum wage should be viewed as part of the Safety Net”. What’s next, employers forced to hire everyone whether they need the labor or not?

In a sane world, we would ask why liberal policy for 5 years has yielded so few jobs. Why Obamacare has moved us toward more part time jobs. Why Congress uses low paid interns and the White House uses unpaid interns.

The Chamber of Commerce must speak loud and clear: this is bad policy!


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