Sheeple keep Calm and Surrender Your Freedoms

Millions of sheeple are unaware. The media lies and says all is well. The occupy wallstreet kids are sipping frappes and playing candy crush on ipads. I fear for this country.

They babble about social justice and ignore pervasive government spying. Bureaucrats dream up new laws daily. The debt limit has been suspended. Big government has a blank check.
This country is out of control.
The fundamental transformation of this nation can only be stopped by We The People.
Here are a few practical steps we must take:

We must get our fiscal house in order, Live within our means. Balance our household budget. Eliminate unsound debt. Then we can demand our elected officials do the same.

We must be conspicuous in our giving, the Left self righteously takes your taxes and gives to others to buy their votes. We conservatives have been giving of our time, talent and money for years. Often we do this through a church or religious organization. Now we must ensure every Tea party group or local Republican Committee does significant charitable work. We must force the media to report on our largesse.

Throw the bums out!
If we are not willing or able to oust the ossified RINOS (Boehner, McConnell, McCain etc) then how are we ever going to impeach Obama?


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