Change your tone?

I keep hearing how we conservatives “have to change our tone”.
Excuse me,  black unemployment is at third world levels. Poverty is eroding the middle class. Our children are bearing children while aborting more children. Black on black violent crime turns communities into open prisons. Ghettos sprout up around Section 8 homes. Pants are sagging and so are our spirits.
… And somebody is worried about our tone?

Look in the rotting urban ghettos. Billions of dollars have been poured into them by well meaning liberals. Aside from destroying the fabric of our families – what else has been accomplished?

Nevermind the hateful, arrogant, strident tones from the Left. The person in the ‘hood waiting on that government check needs hope.
Conservatives offer tried and true solutions with a catch: they require personal responsibility to work.

“Stop thinking of yourself as a victim”
Yes, racial prejudice is real. So is prejudice against overweight people, women and the elderly. Every one will be pre-judged unfairly by someone at some time. Once you think of yourself as a victim, you have a built in excuse not to achieve. Why didn’t you get that last job? Sexism. Why did you get arrested? Racism. If you can prove it then fight it! If you can’t, then move on.
You are not a victim – you are an overcomer!

“Nobody owes you anything”
Spend your energy helping others while working as smart or as hard as you can. You can make it. You can inspire someone else to make it too. When you see a totally blind person taking a bus to his work or you see a partially paralyzed person working with you, complaints about prejudice seem specious.
You can overcome any hardship with patience, persistence and prayer.

“Liberty means you get credit if you succeed and you are responsible if you fail”

Failure is a painful teacher. Learn from it and improve yourself. Do not trust anyone who promises a safety net from all failure; it will turn into a snare.

“Living by Biblical standards of morality is key to success”

Don’t have kids out of wedlock. Get a good education, good job then find a wife. Stay out of jail. Congratulations, you have just avoided generational poverty.
Any social worker will tell you that people make bad choices and that limits their options in life. Get a felony and you lose liberty and rights.
It is very difficult to reintegrate into society with felony record. Rap and Hollywood gloss over the fact that one mistake can ruin your life.
You want to live by the code of the streets? Fine, don’t tell the police who robbed you. Let the cycle of violence and revenge continue. No amount of government money can make your neighborhood safe however. Now watch those businesses move out of your neighborhood. Bye bye.
Yes we should take care of widows and orphans. Conservatives tend to give a greater portion of their time, talent and wealth than liberals. This is not surprising; we believe the Individual is responsible not some Benevolent Big Brother. So we don’t look towards Washington DC to solve our problems, we do it ourselves. Churches and charities are far, far, more efficient, transparent and accountable.

So yes Conservatives have practical solutions but they require high standards of conduct and a mature outlook. That isn’t as appealing as someone telling the well off “You didn’t build that”, while telling the poor “You are a victim, let us take care of you. Here is your free smartphone!”.

“Don’t sag your pants”, “Speak proper English”, “Read your Bible”, Keep your legs closed!”, “Work two jobs if you have to.” …
These ideas do not show up in a welfare booklet because they sound too judgemental.
They do however, make a difference.
Maybe Conservatives can find a nicer tone, a more genteel way to say these things. What do you think?


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