Hate in Charlottesville

Bigots march and others show up to counter their march. Both groups express hate and then scuffle ensue. If this scenario sounds familiar, you have been paying attention. This has gone on for decades.

No good comes from expressing hate. No one benefits. Hating another American citizen does nothing to strengthen our nation.

Instead, we should celebrate individuals and we should celebrate excellence. This promotes unity and reinforces what makes America unique. We are not a homogeneous race, religion or region. We are made up of diverse people who cherish Life, Liberty, Independence and the Pursuit of happiness. We are bound together by ideals. These ideals have resonated with English Pilgrims and Indian Hindus. Descendants of slave owners and slaves live under the same flag. Descendants of warring nations live here as united citizens.

This nation is a miracle. I believe Satan hates our brave desire to be One Nation Under God, indivisible with Liberty & Justice for all.

God help us to overcome the lazy hatred of bigotry. God help us to overcome senseless violence. God help us to be one people in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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