What Is Settled Science?

What is Settled Science exactly?
I love science. Astronomy, Archeology, Biology, Physics etc. When I was a kid Brontosaurus  ruled. Now he is Apatosaurus. Dinosaurs were cold-blooded scaly lizards who abandoned their young. Now they are feathered pre-birds who reared their young.

When I was young the Universe was 7.5 billion years old. It was judged to be in a cycle of contraction & expansion forever.
Now it is 13.5 billion years old. It is judged to expanding unchecked forever.

My how things have changed!

Books printed in 1978 had vastly different data from the books printed in 2017. This is not a complaint. The Scientific Method invites change as new data emerges. New interpretations, technology and observations yield new theories. Newer theories are then explored via observation or experimentation. This cycle causes science & technolgy to take us in exepcted directions.
Science is always changing, evolving if you will. Radical thinkers like Copernicus & the Wright brothers challenge the status quo. Experiments prove or disprove popular theory. 
So, when someone declares that we aren’t allowed to debate theories on Climate, ask “Why?”

Sometimes separate groups of scientists will look at the same data and interpret it differently. If someone tells you that you are only allowed one interpretation,  ask “Why?”
The term ‘Settled Science’ is misleading. No science is ever settled. There are always new theories, observations and experiments. Whenever I hear skeptics challenge the status quo, I expect those who defend the status quo to respond with ridicule.

The Wright brothers were told that human flight was impossible. Settled science.
Einstein and the other creators of the atomic bomb were told the entire Earth would be destroyed by a single atomic blast.
Astronauts were told they would sink into the Moon, never to be seen again.
We were warned the Earth was about to enter a new Ice Age in the 1970’s.
Wrong, wrong, wrong!
There is no such thing as settled science.  Only people who demand we settle for today’s knowldege. These people demand we settle because they feel threatened by change.
Sadly, Big Government has ridiculed some skeptics as Deniers. There are attempts underway to criminalize skepticism!! Just like Galileo being forced to recant on astronomy. Global warming skeptics must choose between Truth and Orthodoxy.

If the attorney general of your state demands your employer to go with the orthodoxy will anyone refuse? I’m not alking about complying with pollution requirements here. I mean not expressing skepticism about the Weather being under direct human control. Can the government compel an employee of a private company to state Man made Global Warming is a fact if they aren’t convinced?

Who will stand up for Truth? Will you?   


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