In Great Britain the populace is unarmed. Government doesn’t trust its citizens with firearms. Knives are carefully regulated. Citizens aren’t allowed to conceal carry knives. Most neighborhood police do not carry firearms.

At the same time, refugees stream  in from violent,  war torn countries. Barely vetted, some with fake ID,  these immigrants & refugees are trusted to be helpful additions to society. 

This despite warnings from ISIS that they plan to infiltrate Western Europe. 

When Jihadists attack the populace, the citizens are helpless. The nation  becomes ever more the Big Brother surveillance state. The citizens have surrendered ever more to the State in the name of security. 

Their right to privacy continues to erode. 

Meanwhile the terrorists keep on killing. 

Politicians like Muslim  London mayor  Sadiq Khan and the Mainstream  media seem obsessed with Islamophobia. 

Political Correctness is madness.  

Update: It has been brought to my attention that many recent attacks were by actual citizens who went from moderate Muslims to radical Muslims. Fair point. In most cases however, they traveled to Libya, Yemen or Pakistan for  indoctrination & training. The travel issue is still a legitimate concern. 


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