A Depressing Post

Depression is like gravity 

Every second of every day

A pull towards unhappiness 

A draining away of energy 

You get tired of fighting it

One day it seems impossible to get out of bed

Colors leach out of the world

You feel unattached from life

Like a ghost haunting  your own body

Thoughts feelings memories swirl around a theme of dissatisfaction 

Hopelessness and despair flank you everywhere 

Depression is like  gravity you can leap up but it takes so much out of you


The above poem describes my battle against depression which began in 2005 as a result of divorce. As a single father I felt like a failed dad and a lousy Christian. Once I realized that I could not just ‘shake it off’, I tried counseling and medication. For some, that might be enough. 

I eventually I turned to my faith. Forgiving my ex wife and myself made a huge difference. The joy of Lord is my strength. I became a God chaser. Intimacy with Jesus brings healing that goes deeper than any therapy or medication. Deep into your soul. 

Today my heart is filled joy. I encourage others to find lasting peace with God. The trick is to find someone who has been through depression and come out the other side. Where there is Life, there is always Hope! 


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  1. It’s hard to go through divorce as a Christian, especially when you don’t really have a choice but you feel like you’re going to be punished because it goes against the Bible. I think you have to accept that you’re not perfect and it doesn’t make you a lousy Christian. I know I’m obviously not a Christian, but my parents are and they are going through a divorce, and my mother feels ashamed, but is slowly understanding that it’s what is best and it’s out of her control.

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