War on Christmas 

Notice people who said ‘Happy Holidays’ during December have no problem saying  ‘Happy New Year’ now. I realize the mainstream news media pooh poohs our complaints about this war on our faith. Understand, kids in school are denied ‘Christmas’ parties and any mention of Christ during Christmas. Federal agencies do the same to their employees. We hear about ‘Separation of Church &  State’ as the excuse. At the exact same time, Obama praises Islam. NASA is tasked with Muslim outreach and the government imports Muslims by the thousands. You don’t hear of anyone bothering Muslims over religious expression either. Obama’s statement that Muslims are part of American history raised eyebrows but the mainstream media didn’t fact check at all. You don’t hear the administration praising all the Christian organizations however. At the same time Atheist lawyers sue EVERYONE for even the slightest hint of Christianity. As a student of history I know Christianity is an integral part of America from its inception. So a war on the Church is a war on US history. 

Christians must push back with a smile. I respond to Happy Holidays with a cheerful Merry Christmas. Schools must partner with CHURCHES to fight lawsuits. Etc. 


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  1. I would simply reply that Christians don’t need everyone saying Merry Christmas because they live in a Christian nation. If your child does not get to have a Christmas Party at school he or she can have it at home, church, or in the neighborhood. Obama simply presented the Muslim community with a symbolic gesture. Muslims are heavily discriminated against and Obama only wanted to show some solidarity.

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