Why are you voting? 

I’m not asking who you are voting for. I want to know WHY? What motivates you? 

My 19 yr old feels he should vote for whoever offers him the most ‘free stuff’. He frankly admits his values are not in line with his chosen candidate. Some people are motivated by a single issue, they simply pick the most pro abortion or pro-life candidate. 

Others vote out of fear. The media tells them Candidate X will put seniors on the street or start World War 3. So they vote against Candidate X out of fear. 

Some vote for the candidate they like.  If a popular  celebrity is running,  many vote for them on name recognition. Essentially the electorate is saying, “You are skilled  enough to be famous  so you will be an effective leader.”

Many people vote straight Party  line. They pull the lever and trust that their Party has vetted the candidates. 

I just  ask that everyone be honest with themselves about why they pull the lever. 


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