“_____” Lives Matter 

#BlackLivesMatter is trendy, they have their own emoji. Well I have some questions about this. They  say  Black lives matter but which Black lives? 

Do Aborted Black babies lives matter? What about  Black lives lost to suicide? I have yet to hear anyone march in protest  of Planned Parenthood killing tens of thousands of potential Martin Luther Kings. Finally, I honestly don’t understand why the tragic death of a Black youth only matters if the killer was a white police officer. Seriously, Noone expects Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to parachute out of the sky to have a  news conference for any of the dozens of tragic Black deaths in Chicago last weekend. It seems almost like a perverse form of self hatred; a Black’s Life value seems to a function of killer’s color. How sick is  that? 

The truly puzzling part? For all the cries of police ‘racism!’ How many Black-on-Black murders go unsolved because people refuse to ‘snitch’ on a Black criminal? Frustrated police officers plead for the community to help them prosecute the killer but they get a sullen silence. 

Think about that the next time a CVS goes up in flames during a  peaceful protest. 


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