Another day another terror attack in Europe 

Terrorism will exist as long as there is Evil. We can face it unified or we can try to minimize &  ignore it. Terrorists have figured out the current crop of leaders are clueless and spineless. Europe needs a Churchill but all they have is  a  Merkel. They import people who have no desire to assimilate then try to appease them. It isn’t working. Europe’s leaders are sheep trying to reason with wolves. 

North America needs a Reagan but has Trudeau. Obama is fixated on social experimentation. Have many genders can he fit on the head of a pin? It’s no surprise terrorists &  anarchists of every stripe  are emboldened. 

The most worrying aspect? Current leaders are more reactionary towards domestic nationalism &  conservatism than they are towards rampaging  Jihadists.  

These are dark times. I pray the worldwide Church will become a Beacon light in response. 


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