Attention Conservatives Who Belong to Any Minority Group…

Conservative Minority. You can see the anger in Democrats eyes when you say it. They wont say it to your face outright but they think they own you! They give the poor just barely enough to survive on. Then when a brotha starts looking at the national debt they scream, “Minorities! The conservatives want to take awat your ‘free stuff’! They want you to starve! Aaagh!”

Silly huh? Try to talk like an adult to a Progressive. They will lob a few internet memes your way. Then they will quote something they heard (out of context). Once they realize that you actually have facts on your side for why you area Conservative… That’s when the name calling starts. Useful tool, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus, Self-Hater etc.

Nevermind the genocide that is actually occuring right now at Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood. She called Blacks and others ‘human weeds’. Nevermind Progressive controlled strongholds like Chicago, Detroit and DC where Blacks are denied school choice or gun choice by the supposedly ‘pro choice’ Left. Nevermind the lack of jobs, nevermind the ilegal aliens allowed to form gangs and kill our nations poor…

No they want the low information voters to sit back, endure this miserable twilight existence and blame those who overcome Progressive policies – victimhood ideology, Progressive social engineering, Progressive taxation. When the jobs get driven out their state, out of the country… Blame anyone and everyone else.

When Conservatives speak up the reflex is to shut them down with cries of bigotry. When the Conservative is a woman or Black man. They really get nasty.

How dare you think for yourself! We bought you with Obama phones, Section 8 housing, UN affordable healthcare, free child care. Just like we did on the original plantations. Nothing threatens a Progressive like an articulate Conservative.

So ignore the Internet trolls, or engage them but dont ever let them intimidate you. Of course with family and co-workers you have to pick yor battles carefully.

But know this, you are an individual, your thoughts are your own. And you’re more important than you know.


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