I challenge YOU to spiritual growth

Every Christian  faces the same challenge: How to keep growing spritually. We are not allowed to stagnate or hit a plateau. We are expected to become more   and more like Jesus. To simply sin less often is not good enough. To merely smooth out our rough edges isn’t sufficient. God wants a church that so accurately reflects His values and charateristics that people are drawn in. The Kingdom of God is Us fellow Believers. When we get together others should be jealous. Our lives should be so full of genuine peace, joy and purpose that others gravitate towards us. Our churches should be full of people who are mentally stable, physically fit and spiritually mature. If we all work towards continous spiritual growth, this will happen naturally.
But how?

God wants us to Think the way He does (1Cor 2:14-16 , Romans 12:2)
God wants  us to Love the way He does (John 3:16, James 1:27)
God wants us to value Oneness with Him (John 10:30, John 17:11)

By working towards these goals we become better Christians and happier people. The desire to sin abates when you make progress towards these goals. Your relationship with loved ones will improve. Your job will become more enjoyable. Why? Because you won’t be focused on changing others or controlling circumstances – you will be thinking/reacting  the way Jesus would. You won’t have to ask “What would Jesus Do?” because you will naturally &habitually respond the way He would. Success!


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