So NOW you’re worried about cost?

I have noticed exactly 3 instances where tax and spend Liberals suddenly become financial hawks: Military spending. Welfare drug testing and corruption investigations.

The State Dept can ‘lose’ 6 billion bucks and they yawn. POTUS can spend 6.5 Trillion on ‘infrastructure & shovel ready jobs’  then complain he needs $500 billion more for infrastructure (and joke about zero shovel ready jobs) they shrug.

Congress wans to investigate Fast & Furious, Benghazi or IRS? “Stop wating millions!”
A State Senate wants drug testing for welfre recipients? “That will cost too much!”
Our soldiers want weapons systems that give them an edge? “Stop serving the Military Industrial Complex!”

Oftentimes RINO meekly give in when the hopelessly biased media takes the Liberal side. What else can they do?

Corruption investigation: Let everyone know upfront just how far you are willing to go. If Lois Lerner that simply pleading the Fifth wouldnt get her off the hook, maybe she wouldve been more forthcoming. If Congress used its power to detain her, maybe she wouldnt have been so cavalier. If Congress is willing to use its FULL power without regard to the biased media, things might change. Imagine geting even a few people to tell the truth. That would make the money spent worthwhile.

Military: When companies get caught over charging the Pentagon, send the CEO to jail. Watch those cost over runs dry up. Shrink the civilian side. Cut Pentagon staff by 15% and free up money for the soldiers. They should never lack for resources on the battlefield. Civilians who create waste should be forced to serve.

Drug Testing: Rather than testing everyone all the time, do random testing, just as the IRS doesnt audit EVERYONE, we dont need to test everyone. Then, if someone fails the drug test, kick them off; no if ands or buts.

When we address the million dollar issues, Then we can turn to the Billion and Trillion dollar issues the Liberals ignore.


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