Why do we do stupid things?

Have you ever done something that you knew was stupid? You knew it wouldn’t end well but you just couldn’t resist. I have made my share of dumb decisions.
Usually it boiled down to doing what felt good instead doing what I knew to be right. Peer pressure never really fazed me because I was never popular. I can’t blame alcohol or drugs, I don’t get drunk or high. If I do something boneheaded, it’s all on me.

Lust, greed and pride are feelings. Generousity, forgiveness and gentleness are decisions. Decide to be wise. Think through why you want to throw that punch, flirt or run that red light. If you are honest with yourself, noone can make you do something you just know you are going to regret.

Nowadays, I want to please God more than I want to get my own way. That makes it easier for me to avoid  self destructive impulses. Hope this helps someone.


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