It’s just a THING right?

A week ago my car was totalled. A distracted driver rammed me from behind at speed. He didn’t even brake. I suffered a concussion,neck & back injuries. My step-daughter  hurt her head. You know what bothers me the most? I lost my beloved car. My car.

I had a used 255 HP Chevy Malibu LTZ. Every luxury feature and surprising performance compared to the standard model. I bought it last fall. I am grateful that I wasn’t killed. Glad my oldest girl wasn’t killed. But I am actually grieving  a hunk of metal that I only owned less than a year! Why?

I struggle to find a similar vehicle with the same level of value, performance and features. I know eventually I will get another car, my insurance company cut me a check quickly and without fuss. But I miss that specific car. Why?

I think we grow attachments to things due to their significance. I worked hard and bought that car outright. First vehicle I bought without financing. First time I bought a vehicle that expressed my personality instead of simply being transportation. It looked gray and simple on the outside but had a funky two-tone gray/bronze interior that inpired double takes.  While 99% of Malibus have a boring V4, mine had 255HP V6… I’m doing it again. Eulogizing a, a THING.

What things do you grow attached to? Why?


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