My miracle

Spring 2000

Jaydon Christopher died in his mother’s womb weeks shy of full term. My first wife and I were devastated. Joy Mya had died  in the womb four years earlier. We chose to give God glory publicly. In private we struggled with the universal question “Why did this happen to us?”

The dreaded day came when our Dilation & Extraction procedure was due. The doctor would remove the dead, toxic remains. I held her clammy hand. Quoting scripture to a woman in physical discomfort and emotional agony seemed unwise. I hugged her but kept silent.

We prayed God’s Presence would be with us during this sad procedure. D & E is commonly performed for miscarriage or abortion. On the gurney,  in the prep area, a Word came to my wife: “Have them check one more time.”

The staff were beyond skepical “Hadn’t we observed the ultrsound and sonograms?” No movement, no heartbeat for over ten days… Still she insisted and they checked one more time.

Suddenly, Jaydon Christopher began moving normally and heart began beating strongly! He was born without incident at 39 weeks. The staff at Mercy Hospital frankly admitted it was a Miracle.

Friends God does miracles evry single day. Please share your story.


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