Planned Parenthood head sorry for ‘tone’ in video on fetal tissue use | One America News Network



  1. Hi James. I have a few observations about that article:

    1) The article’s 3rd paragraph said, “Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a new video statement that the nonprofit organization does not profit from fetal tissue donation.”

    If you parse that sentence carefully, it doesn’t exactly say that PPHood does not sell fetal tissue. It just says that PPHood “does not profit” from fetal tissue donation. That could still mean that they sell it to recover their operating costs (i.e. “does not profit”). I mean think about it. Why didn’t she just say “the nonprofit organization does not sell fetal tissue”? To me it’s pretty obvious that she’s purposely employing ‘doublespeak.’

    2) Did you notice Richards didn’t say that Dr. “Crunchy” Nucatola was fired immediately? She didn’t say anything about any disciplinary action or self investigation of any kind.

    3) Therefore, obviously, all Richards really is sorry for is that her organization’s immorality got caught on camera.

    – Jeff

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