What I have learned…

As I have mentioned before, I joined Stand Up Now (a local Social Justice group). These are my reflections…

1. Social Justice Warriors require a sense of victim hood. Blaming Society, the Evil Rich® or White Men is automatic.

2. No need to study what works, just rely on raw emotions. Whatever feels righteous, just go with it.

Example: after zero studies, they decided to take a bus trip across state to scream taunts at then Gov Corbett. He dug Pennsylvania out of a Billion dollar hole he inherited from Rendell. The mainstream media refused to report on this. So when the DNC blamed Corbett for longstanding financial structural weakness in PA Education the SJW ate it up.
I refused to ride a bus cross state simply to yell slogans at the Gov mansion. That is NOT empowering kids,  that’s USING them. And poorly at that.

I noticed that aside from a few activities (ski trip, dance battle etc) there was no change to the community. Basically we gave kids who wanted to stay out a trouble something to do. This is a good thing, but the City Councilman and state Congressmen who asked us to vote for them never did a thing to change the community.

Crime, poverty, unwed moms. Poor grades,  school drop outs. Anti-social “cool behavior”. These issues received a slogan or two. an occasional March. That’s it.

(Dependence on Welfare programs was  treated like a Positive –  not as a negative). The answer to every problem is another state or federal government program. The Evil Rich© are expected to pay “their fair share” to pay for ever growing programs.

Fortunately, private developers (Evil Rich™) have made investments &  construction in the Hill District so there is a glimmer of hope.

The Hill District neighborhood this Social Justice group works in is  the poorest in Pittsburgh. I live across town in suburban Penn Hills. Only ONE adult male from the Hill District attended; the founder.

I am not bashing this group. It is wonderful to see a non church group that passionately cares for disadvantaged kids. My complaint is this: the ideologies and assumptions that are part of the Social Justice movement are morally bankrupt, politically naive and historically unsuccessful.

Thank God for the Church!


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