Medicaid costs rise

Remember back in 2009 when we were promised the cost of medical care could be lowered and access could increased at the same time? Good times.

Now, we discover costs have not decreased. Availability of specialists & general practitioners has worsened. What happened?

An unending series of mandates has forced insurers and doctors to make adjustments. These moves are not the result of greed or ill will. Rather, insurers are reacting to complex rules that seek political objectives (cover preexisting conditions) rather than addressing the actual cost structure. Insurance is about risk and motivation. Government seeks a political objective (eliminate risk) then complains over results.

Expensive trips to the ER have increased. The rules have motivated people who are used to the ER to use it more often. If ivory tower Progressives had listened, they wouldn’t be so surprised. Many adults take poor care of their health issues. They didn’t magically begin seeing a personal care physician after Obamacare passed. They have intentions to do so. However, when they feel really sick, they assume the AFFORDABLE Care Act is going to be FREE visits to the ER. They assume it’s like the Obama phone of Medicine.

Do you expect them to pay for these costly ER visits? Of course not.

At the same time, government payment to doctors is so problematic that fewer doctors want to be bothered. The crushing tape is simply icing on the cake. What is motivation? Pay more staff to deal with ever growing paperwork just so you can get absurdly low Medicaid payments?

So Obamacare guarantees rising costs, fewer providers and longer waits due to motivation. Oh yeah, we get FEWER choices of health care plans with higher up front fees (deductible).

To be fair, I haven’t heard any complaints from the illegal immigrants waiting in the ER with my Mother. So there’s that.


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