How politicians think

Just listening to joseph Biden on C-SPAN radio. He complains that we need to spend billions of dollars in infrastructure just like they have been saying since t a r p 6 + years ago. The kicker though? He actually in talked about transporting oil from the northern united states down to the Gulf as a reason to ‘invest’. That’s right: the same administration who said there was no need for the keystone pipeline is now saying we have to put more money in infrastructure. They want to spend more taxpayer money but the money that woulda been GENERATED by allowing private business to lay down pipe from the keystone oil sands down to the Gulf, that was no big deal. The democrats talk out both sounds of their mouth so well it’s scary.

Talking about Global Warming:
Joe Biden goes on to say “The only thing worse than a bad idea is no idea.” Wow that explains how Progressives think in a nutshell.


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