WIC program versus abortion

Irony: Pro abortion Progressives always talk like they kill babies so they don’t starve to death.

The WIC program feeds kids 0 to 5 years. It holds parents accountable. It makes abuse of funding difficult. Most Conservatives have zero problem with this program. It actually works.

Mom has to report on her kids physical development milestones. Mom has to take the kids to a doctor. The only food allowed for purchase is healthy food.

So young kids are NOT starving. Beyond age five,  church run food banks, soup kitchens and school cafeteria guarantee kids do not starve.

The only kids who starve, have parents with mental issues. Any sane Mom can get help at a large church. Unlike the government, churches get down to the root of chronic poverty. Drug abuse, Bad life choices etc.

If your church doesn’t do this, chances are it’s a Progressive Christian lite church.

So Pro abortion’s rationale for mass murder is easily debunked.

#chooselife #prolife


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