Progressives have erased the Stigma for staying on Welfare. For having children out of wedlock – especially with different father’s. That’s a shame because Stigma has a legit purpose. It’s Society’s way of transmitting moral values. We don’t always get it right (Jim Crow) still we NEED it.

It’s simply Peer Pressure to do the right thing, the right way.

The power of Political Correctness has purged Stigma from public discourse.
We can’t hold a young woman accountable for promiscuity. We are told to lionize all widowed mothers and unwed mothers equally. Poor people who make unwise choices are treated as victims.

So what does Society have in its place?

Metal detectors in middle schools, Nurseries in high school. Bonus welfare credit for having more kids.

We are morally and literally poorer due to Political Correctness.


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