What was lost, now is found

I am a Sunday school teacher. My kids, from 2nd grade to 5th grade are a diverse lot.
My church has kids of all races and income levels. They hail from the poorest neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area and from the wealthiest neighborhoods.

I believe it was Jan 18 that I left my samsung Galaxy Tab 10 in Children’s Church.

Church staff searched for it but it was clearly stolen. I must admit, my feelings were hurt. My 2nd – 5th graders seem to like me and enjoy my class. I hoped they would turn it in or tell on the person who took it. I’m a  realist, I know every child is not as mature a Christian they could be.

I decided to forgive whomever took my property and let it go. I didn’t want bitterness to color how I interacted with my kids. Besides I didn’t know for sure that a kid took my tablet.

So I was thrilled when a pastor called to advise me a young adult would personally return my Galaxy  Tab with an apology.

The young man apologised sincerely and asked what he could to make things right with me. I assured him that I had already forgiven him. I only asked that when someone does him wrong, he will remember to be as forgiving and understanding. I admitted that I never expected to see it again. I was very happy to have my favorite gadget back.

The pastors believe this young man finally learned his lesson. I hope so.


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