Words matter

Sarah Palin’s defiant “Don’t retreat. Instead — reload!” tweet came after the signing of Obamacare into law.  Liberals were horrified, they claimed she endorsed violence against lawmakers who passed the bill.

Liberals also suggested that the Aurora CO shooter was inspired by Sarah Palin when he shot and nearly killed Gabriel Giffords.
James Holmes was not a Tea Party member. He was actually apolitical.

Palin said, “We know violence isn’t the answer.  We’re talking about our vote.”

The Left tried to use their distaste over “negative rhetoric” as a way to silence the Right in general and the Tea Party in particular.

Since the NYPD ambush was explicitly stated as inspired by the anti-police rhetoric of the past two months…

The Mainstream Media will not go there of course. No calls for ‘civility’ for those chanting: “What do we want? Dead cops!”

No lectures on the need for a ‘New Tone.”

No calls for a ‘National Conversation’.

Instead, the same people suggesting that every officer is a racist, will dismiss the bloodthirsty chanters as a tiny fringe. They will dismiss the looters and rioters as a tiny fringe too.



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