How to create a permanent under class

Progressives claim they are all about fairness and equality. The truth is they are really about Control.

The biggest factor in avoiding poverty is being raised by high school educated, married, parents. Progressives keep asking for bigger government although they know full that no amount of inefficient federal spending can make up for the break up of the family.

For example, look at what the “War on Poverty” has done to Blacks. Currently 67% of Black kids are born out-of-wedlock. Unemployment is hovers around 22% overall and 48% for young Black men. Hundreds of billions of tax money spent on symptoms but nothing more than ;lip service towards the root causes. So much for Hope & Change.

Progressives seem perfectly content to leave Black people in this cycle so long as we vote 96% straight Democrat.

But just in case… Amnesty for Illegals is here. Let’s make another 11 million people a part of the permanent underclass. They too will depend on Big Govt. They too will vote straight Democrat. Of course if enough of them start to adopt American values. If enough Hispanics start to hold Progressives accountable for making promises they know they can’t keep… “If like your Amnesty, you can keep your Amnesty”.


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