Future of privacy

With all the hand wringing over the Federal government brazenly spying on law abiding citizens… A few individuals have pushed back, noting the national trend towards surrendering privacy for employment and commerce.

Here are some examples of where we are headed.

Webcams monitor white collar workers on their laptops. Upper management can listen to their employees banter to detect sexist talk. Emplyers can analyse productivity in real time.

RFID chips embedded in employee ID allow real time tracking of location. No more claiming you were in the rest room when you are actually outside on a non-sanctioned smoke break.

Finger print login avoids the overwhelming number of passwords employees have been forced to memorize.

Drones allow land developers and city planners to study pedesterians or bicyclists movements.

Facial recognition allows a coffee shop to welcome you by name as you walk past, and invite back in for your ‘usual’.


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