Racism or Racial Profiling?

I listen to CNN as they played a clip from Stephen Colbert. He mocks a police officer for responding to a 911 call. The 911 call in question involved a black man with his hands in his pockets walking back and forth in front of a business multiple times. That business have been held up 7 times and the store owner was afraid that he might be casing the place. The police detained him, questioned him respectfully. The man responded skeptically but respectfully. Although the Colbert segment did not show the rest of the video, the man eventually agreed with the police officer that if HE called 911 did he would expect the officer to show up and take HIS call seriously. 

CNN reporter challenged another police officer about this suggesting that someone was involved in racial profiling. The officer responded frankly that police go by the information they have on hand; if the information they have changes they adapt to it. If you have a situation where many crimes gave been committed, you have to take it seriously. racial profiling is a part of the process. The officer stressed that if someone calls 911 they have to trust the police to show up.

At the end even the CNN reporter had to admit that it was unfair to accuse the store owner of racism when someone’s acting in a way that COULD be suspicious and he had already been robbed SEVEN times.


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