Why we SHOULD revere our Veterans

Salon.com touched a nerve for those of us who take Veterans Day seriously. Many of us have family who have served this great nation. Many Americans have buried veteran fathers and grandfathers. Many worry over sons or daughters deployed far from home.

Salon.com snidely tweeted: “Stop worshipping men in uniform. it’s been 70 years since we fought a war about freedom.”
The article only goes downhill from there. The uncivil screed expands to include police officers as well.

Progressives act as though serving in the military was something evil high school jocks did for fun. Are they ignorant of legacy; PTSD,  burns and lost limbs?
And unlike the cynical politicians who send them into harms way, our soldiers face economic hardship as well. Sadly,25 percent of military families seek food assistance at some point.

Our warriors knowingly take on a very dangerous job that will never make them rich. They do so for love of country.

Americans call exceptional athletes and entertainers ‘heroes’ because we admire their ability to run, jump, sing or dance better than the rest of us. We call our servicemen and servicewomen ‘heroes’ because they do exceptional things as well.

Pilots fly faster than sound. Snipers make impossible shots. Sonar operator display superhuman hearing and discernment. Infantry endure extreme conditions.

Again, noone enters the service expecting to get rich or famous. Huddled in a foxhole with shrapnel whizzing overhead, there is no sense of glamour.

Numerous accounts of infantryman shielding civilians from gunfire with their own bodies have emerged in all the theaters of conflict.Tales of men jumping on a live grenade to save their friends also show a selflesness that is uncommon in our mundane CYA world. Beyond the remarkable exploits these skilled soldiers are capable of, the sense of duty, honor and loyalty is what truly impresses us.
For these reasons we should revere citizens in uniform.


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