Pro-life spotlight



Her name is Karen. She has been a “side-walk counselor” for about twenty-five years Today I interviewed her in front of the Downtown Pittsburgh Planned Parenthood. I have noticed her and her faithful companions for some time. They are quiet calm and smile when they speak to people entering the abortion mill.

I asked Karen to describe herself briefly: “I’m a Byzantine Catholic, here with a Roman Catholic group.” she gestures towards her compatriots. “I come from a family of fourteen kids.”

I ask her how she interacts with pregnant women and the employees. “I let them know God has a better plan for their life than abortion. God is a God of life. There are so many other options!”

Karen comes across genuinely surprised at my interest. When she realizes my interview is sincere she quickly warms up to her passion.

I query whether anyone ever takes her her up on her promise of ‘options’? “Absolutely! Many women come with us to the Catholic Charities a few blocks away, where we provide in-depth counseling and financial resources. Women do choose life!”

Karen has large signs which refer women to / 877-791-5475 also a website for the actual Planned Parenthood employees

Since I work nearby, I have observed this quiet group. Noone yells, there is no jeering or cat calls. Many people speed up as they walk past. Few make eye-contact.

I shared with Karen that I am the oldest of four kids. My mother was pregnant with me as an unwed teenager. I noted that in the Sixties, abortion was illegal and stigmatized as immoral. My mother married her boyriend. Neither ever expressed any regret over keeping me. Although my family started very poor, my father became a successful arc welder and we clawed our way into the middle class and tasted the American Dream.

Karen and I share a burden to promote Life. I thanked her and encouraged her as her brother in Christ.



  1. God less you James for sharing my witness and your own witness on your blog. ” Your talk” with me will ever remain in my heart as a gift from our Almighty God and Savior JESUS CHRIST1

  2. My husband and I spent the day with Karen who had mass for he brother Danny who passed away. Karen not only cares for the unborn and those who abort but she is also concerned for those who do not know the Lord. She prayed for Danny constantly and ministered the Lord to him. He accepted HIM into his life and now enjoying salvation. She has a special gift of love for our Lord and his people. May
    God bless her, John and her children. We love her dearly. Vivien and Al SFO

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