Sunday School vs Science?

I have been a Sunday school teacher for several years. I have studied science my entire life.

Today I had the pleasure of combining my Faith with my Passion. I wrote a curriculum for 2nd – 5th graders describing Astronomy as the study of God’s Creativity and Power through His Creation.

We discussed the many types of planets and stars He created. We discussed Earth in relation to the Sun, Moon and stars.

We used our imagination to explore supernova and black holes. We compared an artist’s creativity in various works of painting or sculpture to the limitless creativity of the Creator who designed billions upon billions of stars and nebulae – each unique.

One 5th grader grumbled “ARE we talking Science or Bible?”

I responded by rereading Gen chapter 1:1-5 and 1:14-15 to her. I explained that Science is simply the study of God’s Creation in order to know Him better.

I was pleased and surprised to see the lesson plan applied to the 1st graders and kindergarten class as well.

I hope some of the kids will peer into the night sky with an appreciation for the beauty of heavenly bodies and the power of their Creator.


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