Christian. American. And Proud.

Sometimes I wonder about the future of Christendom in America. I realize the world as a whole is becoming a dark place. Christian persecution in Muslim countries has worsened. Atheist countries continue to persecute Christians as well. The Church has always overcome persecutions in the past. Wherever they were, Believers could look to America as a beacon of hope,  encouragement and resources.

Today, American Christians are getting attacked. The entertainment industry portrays Christians (especially Catholics) as close-minded, petty, provincial and hypocritical. The mainstream news media reinforces this caricature. Legions of lawyers attack school districts and businesses where Christian values –  once synonymous with American values still thrive.

Ominously, for the first time in our young nation’s history, the federal government has begun to harass people of faith.

With expensive lawsuits from one side and onerous court rulings on the other hand, American Believers face a daunting future. We must think and act like one Body of Christ. Otherwise we will be divided and conquered.


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