Geek confessions

I am a gadget guy. I blame my grandfather, dad and Star Trek for obsession with the latest and greatest gadgets.
My maternal grandfather owned the first color TV, movie projector and tape recorder in his working class neighborhood. If you wanted to know what the latest and greatest was,  you could ask him.

My dad bought a VCR and cable TV before they exploded in popularity in the 80’s. My dad bought me a Telstar game console (which played variations on Pong). By the time I received a computer  (with a CASSETTE tape for memory storage) and my first scientific calculator, the die was cast.

My entire family faithfully watched every episode of Star Trek which only reinforced my gadget obsession. Remember how Captain Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation would sit at his desk with a desktop PC and tablet PCs of various sizes? Well that weekly image was burned into my adolescent subconscious.

So,  countless calculator watches,  PDAs and cellphones later, I sit at my desk. Not front of me are tablets measuring 10 in & 7 in. A 5 in smartphone connected to ultra fast  Wi Fi… Researching  Android smart watch and Google Glass.

Blame genetics
Blame upbringing
Blame Captain Picard


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