Slouching towards war

From red lines he didn’t  draw to burning embassies he refused to defend, Obama has shown the world a new form of foreign policy.

Obama on foreign policy: he acts like the kid in the back of the classroom who raises his hand ever so slightly but hopes the teacher won’t actually call on him.

Then when people insist that he actually lead he instinctively tries to be community organizer in chief.

This amuses the villains. However, this makes life hard for pragmatic allies who wonder when he will throw them under the bus.

Abandons Poland missile shield. Throws Israel under the bus repeatedly, ignores 1994 treaty when Russia annexes Crimea. Etc.
Coalition of the Unwilling:

All that nuance about boots on the ground but not combat boots. ISIS and Putin are laughing themselves silly.

Now Arab ‘moderate’ nations are supposed to trust him as our Nobel Peace prizewinner dithers over to call it ‘war’ or ‘not war’ in Syria?

At the end of day, OUR brothers, fathers, sisters and sons will fight for freedom.
I just hope we can keep the commander -in- chief off the golf course long enough to win.


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