A simple bus ride…

My routine bus ride to work was disrupted by a medical emergency. An older White lady abruptly collapsed into apparent unconsciousness.

A Black man in his late thirties or early forties pushed through standing bus riders with an air of authority to ascertain the situation. The man, a security guard at a downtown Pittsburgh bank, advised the bus driver to pull over and dial 9-1-1. He carefully coaxed the pale woman to a state of semi consciousness. He asked her questions “Do you know where you are?” “Do you use medication?”

Another woman turned around and realized that it was her neighbor. She helped by answering his queries on relevant health issues.” No,  she isn’t diabetic.” “No,  she doesn’t take any medication.”

The bus driver pulled our P16 flyer over and called the Port Authority  police. The Good Samaritan carried her off the bus with assistance from two other riders.
He cradled the stricken rider in her arms. Asking her  questions and urging her to stay conscious. At the same time, he brought the bus driver up to speed on her symptoms and apparent condition.

Observing the atmosphere of compassion, cooperation and calm on the crowded bus made me proud to be a Pittsburgh native and American.


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