As a young man, I never questioned the wisdom of demonizing guns. I listened to the MSM and half believed the NRA was training people to “Go Postal”. Broadcast news never reported instances where a private citizen defended their family from a criminal.

My impression was gun ownership was necessary evil. Guns in urban areas existed only for mass murders & gang violence. Guns in suburban or rural areas were accidents waiting to happen. So why were so many Americans so passionate about about these evil tools?

I started investigating online, curious to find out what the ‘gun nuts’ had to say in their defense. To my surprise, they had a lot of facts on their side. I took another look at all the hunters here in South Western Pennsylvania. Most gun owners were responsible. Only the few who committed crimes made the news.
Social media explained the thoughts of law abiding gun owners and those who understand the Constitution. I searched for the truth and I found the Truth. I now fully support the 2nd Amendment.

With access to the Web and social media so prevalent, liberals stranglehold on news is gone. A generation of young people who have greater access to the truth may surprise us all.


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