BitCoin may solve unlikely problems…

Currently a number of businesses are suing the Federal government for Operation Choke Point. This operation is essentially attacks on businesses the government doesn’t like by pressuring banks to refuse to service them. Payday loans were the original target. The porn industry claims they are also targets.

Since the current administration has shown no reluctance to sic the IRS & ATF on Christian and Conservative groups (Tea Party, Christian non-profits, gun shops) many are worried that such groups may lose access to banks next.

Government coercion is nothing new, the tobacco industry is a popular whipping boy at all levels of government. Still the politically motivated nature of coercion at the federal level gives many pause.

BitCoin may become the ‘bank of choice’ for those on the Right who distrust Big Banks and Big Government. Gun shop owners may be forced into alternative banking by the increasingly hostile Justice Department.

Stay tuned.


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