Michelle Obama, Micheal Bloomberg & AL Gore don’t get it…

Liberals want to save us from ourselves. They don’t understand why we won’t just shut up and thank them.
They want to force our kids into eating food that is healthy. They want to force adults into drinking less sugary drinks. They are willing to bankrupt candy vendors in order to put more dietary warnings on vending machines. Liberals will attack Fracking jobs over mythical health issues. Never mind the cost of continued dependence on Middle East oil..

For many of us that push back, it isn’t the job killing cost or the inconvenience; it is the Incompetent Assault on Liberty. Bans on large size sodas or draconian lunch menus will not solve obesity. Just like driving a hybrid car will not stop Global warmimg/cooling/change/disruption. Billions invested in Green cronies that go bankrupt sure hasn’t helped.

Liberals in power know this. They depend on the ignorance of the Common Core millions to follow blindly.
We conservatives (I am a student of science ) are a skeptical lot so we ask Inconvenient Questions…

How do we know there is a problem?
How do we know the liberal solution will work?
How much will the solution cost?
Who will pay?

Liberals have lofty goals but look closely and you will notice that:
They enrich always themselves at taxpayer expense
They always gain more power at the expense of individual liberty
The ‘common sense’ solutions are always expensive failures

Exhibit A:
The Veterans Administration Hospital system, a preview of Obamacare, it is proof that no amount of money can make a centralized bureaucracy responsive to the individual. It should be noted that waiting lists aka rationed care has been a feature of the VA since the Bush years. Candidate Obama campaigned on the issue but six years later he is acting as though he literally just heard about it on the evening news. As of Jun 2nd the only proposed solution is, yep, more money.

Exhibit B:
Meanwhile Obamacare is declared a success despite failing at every measurement – tens of millions of people did not sign up as promised. Those of us who had a plan & doctor we liked found out that we couldn’t keep them unless Obama liked them as well. This despite numerous, illegal delays in implementing unpopular provisions .

Exhibit C:
The welfare complex, statism tells citizens to depend on big government for all their needs. So black people, who survived slavery and Jim Crow laws have been crippled by government largesse . The War on Poverty had one huge casualty; black families. The perverse incentives made being married a liability. An unwed mother would get a lot more ‘free money’ if she sued her Baby Daddy for child support. Then applied for WIC, food stamps, section 8 and so on and so forth. Little by little, housing projects swelled with a generation of people dependent on Uncle Sam instead of Dad. In six decades, we destroyed the black family while spending hundreds of billions of dollars.

Today liberals want to save the planet. From weather. And it will only require the EPA to attack the energy sector and manufacturing in general. Oh yeah, we will need to transfer 900 billion dollars from North America & Europe to South America & Africa. It will also do absolutely nothing to control the weather. while we weaken ourselves, the Middle East and all the developing world will do whatever it takes to generate energy and build up their manufacturing industry. The four Seasons will go on unchanged. This is madness.

Conservatives Ask hard questions while Liberals promise to save us all from ourselves. All they need is more of our hard earned money and most of our God given liberty. we must resist!


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