Doesn’t hurt to ask…

I  decided to have a late supper at Chik*fil*A for a good meal with a family friendly atmosphere.
For once the Christian Muzak was off. There were no small kids either. So the salty language coming from a nearby table was quite noticeable. Like most Chik*fil*As this one is frequented by church groups. That made the language more jarring.

I walked over; “Excuse me, this is a family friendly restaurant, if you must cuss,  could you keep the volume low?”

I was aware of the tension in my voice, I also spoke too quickly. Both are signs that I am agitated. The white middle aged man I spoke directly to quickly apologized and assured me he didn’t mind me asking.

I knew the two men might have responded aggressively, there might have been a scene. Still, as a godly man (and paying customer) I felt it was appropriate. Had they continued,  I would have considered telling the manager as well. Shortly afterwards a family with small kids came.

As they left,  the same man, shook my hand and explained apologetically what triggered their language. I assured him I was (no longer) not upset.

This happens every so often. I am simply making a small stand for righteousness. if my daughter is with me,  I feel obligated to do so.

I have never had any problems.


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