Pleased that the Penn Hills Republican Committee offered rides for those wanted to vote in the Pennsylvania primary. We did not ask which Party riders were registered with. This is not a partisan issue, it is a patriotic issue.

I hope Republican Committee and TeaParty groups will continue this growing trend.

The midterm elections are going to be very closely watched at the National level. Pundits will look for TeaParty backed candidates to measure our power.

I believe people should pay attention to local elections as well. Especially home owners and parents. Local elections often have immediate, lasting impact on our lives.

School boards spend our money in ways we can see instantly, for better or worse. Decisions made by short sighted mayors can ruin your neighborhood right in front of your eyes.

You learn a lot about politics &  civics when you get involved.

I bought my five year old daughter to the voting booth with me. Afterwards, she helped me pass out PRO-LIFE Voting guides.


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