Remember @NatsecWonk aka Jofi Joseph? The White house fired him because of mean (but funny) tweets.
Know who hasn’t been fired? Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Katherine Sebellious or Eric Shinseki.

Think about it, Holder’s Fast & Furious guns cost two border agents their lives. over 150 Mexicans  were killed as well. Holder has been held in contempt by Congress because of his stonewalling during the investigation. He was caught outright lying in recorded testimony. The White House has expressed confidence in him.

Sebellious incompetence and dishonesty regarding the botched Health.Gov rollout ($600 million/3 yrs) is truly breathtaking. She was never fired. The White House expressed confidence in her too.

Lerner pled the Fifth rather than answer for outrageous abuse of of power by the IRS against conservatives which may well have affected the outcome of the 2012 election. Again, White House expresses confidence.

Shinseki presides over an illegal scheme to hide long waits for our veterans to get lifesaving treatment. at last count over 46 vets had died untreated, on a secret waiting list. You guessed it, White House expresses confidence in him.

But Jofi Joseph gets fired instantly. He did his job well. He was fired for tweeting. Does anyone else find this odd?


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