Pre-Occuppied by the TeaParty

The same media that was sympathetic to Occupy Movement is hostile to the TeaParty. Occupy Wall Street is DEFINED by breaking laws. TeaParty is defined by reverence for the Constitution.

So how is it trespassers who harassed banker’s kids and committed vandalism were given such good press? They received praise from Nancy Pelosi and sympathy from Obama.

At the same time the TeaParty, has been vilified. Despite any evidence, we have been declared racist for opposing Obama and his policies.

Guess what? Occupy was also critical of Obama. They were not called racist however. Interesting since the majority of Occupy is white male – just like the TeaParty.

As frustrating as this is, I  remind myself; the TeaParty is a force for good. Every election cycle, TeaParty backed candidates pledge to honor the Constitution and many win. They win because so many Americans approve of limited federal government, lower taxes for all and personal responsibility.

The TeaParty never advocates hatred, violence, anarchy or division. We are un-hyphenated America. We love America as it is. We want to radically transform the federal government not the nation.

Smaller limited government, less taxes and corruption.

Radical, but only because our government has gone so far astray of the Founder’s intent.

I put my money where my mouth is. I give to campaigns (time & money) and also certain TeaParty organizations.

Be careful, scammers took money by posing as a PAC for Herman Cain.



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