Spotlight Bethany Christian Services

Bethany Christian Services known as America’s largest provider of adoption services. The National office is based in Grand rapids, MI but there are many affiliates -80 at last count – throughout the USA. Additionally , Bethany operates overseas as well.

Bethany is supported by churches, individuals, corporations and foundations. Since Bethany operates as a not-for-profit, they do charge fees.

The pro-abortion, liberal media portrays pro-lifers as obsessed with the fetus but uninterested in children.
Bethany provides free counseling for pregnant women. If the woman decides to give birth, she has the option of several support services.

If a woman chooses to give birth and keep her child, resources such the Family Preservation Program, Safe Families and Family/Individual Counseling means she will have meaningful support at all stages. Clearly, there is more to the pro-life movement than your local Six O’clock News will show you.

I salute Bethany for making a difference.


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