I salute you..

I salute you my fellow conservatives. It is a pleasure to work alongside those who choose to give their time and volunteer. For example, my church, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh, buys school supplies. We fill brand new backpacks with supplies for needy kids and the local schools. There are so many of us doing it that it doesn’t take as long as you might think.

Through churches and parachurch organizations citizens volunteer to help the less fortunate. As conservatives we choose to help our neighbor: it is part of who we are. We believe we should help each other because it is the right thing to do. We do not turn to the government first we turn to the government last.

One of the big lies liberals tell is that conservatives do not care about the poor, the elderly or children. That is because we do not suggest the government should solve all of our communities problems. We choose to do it ourselves or to put our money into private charities and other organizations.

The benefit of conservatism is we value well, value. In other words, we get satisfaction from finding EFFICIENT ways to help people. Less bureaucracy and overhead means more ‘bang for the buck’. Government consists mostly of bureaucrats trying to justify their department’s existence.

Liberals say  they want to help people. Then they create a bureaucracy of parasites to redistribute other peoples wealth. At best, a fraction of that transferred money actually reaches the needy. Often however, the money gets diverted due to fraud, corruption and incompetence.

I have seen this first hand; I used to work for the phone company. We were required to provide Lifeline phone service. This service provides a very low cost home telephone. Eventually cell phones became so commonplace that they were also included in the program. The idea was straightforward; anyone who qualifies for food stamps would also get either a cheap land line phone or a cell phone. The free cellphone would include 250 minutes and 250 text messages monthly.

Well, under the Obama regime, people got both! Folks soon learned there was little oversight from a regime trying to give benefits to illegals.
Many households had multiple landlines and cellphones all subsidized. Soon, able bodied young people were buying smartphones which they applied the Lifeline subsidy to.

The phone company had no authority. We simply followed the government mandate. Remember the ‘Obama phone’ lady on YouTube? Predictably the budget for the program was exceeded. Dramatically.
The FCC began to pay attention. Oversight was reestablished and the free for all ended.

This came after BILLIONS in fraud and waste. Typical government help.

Conservatives, you help people after a fire destroys their home. You give gently worn clothing to the Goodwill, Saint Vincent DePaul or Salvation Army. As someone who benefited from these organizations as a child, I am happy to give back.

When natural disaster strikes, you my fellow patriots don’t look for FEMA, you often get there before any federal agency. You bring truck loads of supplies from your church. Many of you take off from work and travel to lend your expertise and skill.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, my coworkers and I volunteered for the telethon to help raise money. We spoke to people from around the country who were eager to send the devastated victims money. It was emotional but rewarding to use our skill on the phone to help people in need.

Liberals won’t admit this, study after study shows that conservatives give more to charity and volunteer more time to charity than liberals do. This has been true for decades.

Conservatives I salute you.


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