I don’t believe in Atheism

Atheists are usually surprised to find that I study and enjoy learning about science. String theory, Astronomy,Cosmology, Particle Physics. I find it all fascinating.

I usually get asked something along the lines of “How do Science and Religion mix?”

I respond, Science is the study of God’s Creation. Science does not and can not disprove God’s existence.

Physics is so counter intuitive and so confusing that it practically requires faith to operate. No wonder Einstein complained “God does not roll dice.”

Scientists who study particle physics have noticed that the physical laws and constants seem ‘tuned’. That is, if you change any values for constants – the charge of the proton, the weight of an electron… the strength of the nuclear weak force etc, our ordered Universe vanishes.

The so-called Fine-tune Universe has brought scientists, theologians and philosophers together.

The obvious answer to the question, “Who fine tuned the laws of the Universe?” is “an Intelligent Designer.”
Of course some scientists have sought a more imaginative theory; there are an infinite number of universes some like and some totally unlike ours. You know, the Multiverse idea so popular on Star Trek and throughout science fiction.

Occam’s Razor: When you have two competing theories making exactly the same prediction, the simpler one is better



  1. I agree with everything you say, except your premise. Who cares whether you’re a Christian, an Atheist, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or whatever?

    1. Many atheists on social media are rather obnoxious towards believers, that is my stock tagine to tweak them. I have a few friends who are agnostic and a few acquaintances who are atheist. I tease them that way too.

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